Your Membership Begins With Your Profile Creation

Each new member creates a unique Profile. The finished Profile provides information in regard to each member's interests. A complete Profile consists of three parts:
  • Questionaire - Provides standard answers about who you are and for what you are looking.
  • Essay - Allows for verbose, free form, answers to questions that allow you to further define yourself and your desires.
  • Photos - You may post up to 60 photos to your profile.
Privacy and Safety

None of the information in the Profile, with the exception of the photos you may choose to post, will identify you in any way. Your email address, your personal account information, your names, etc. will never appear on the system or be available to any other user. You remain completely anonymous unless you decide to reveal your identity.

  • You must complete the entire questionnaire and essay in order to be allowed into the system. However, this means that you must complete the entire process, not answer every question right now. Profiles can be modified at any time during your trial membership to allow you to fill in any missing information.
  • Please answer the questionnaire honestly.
  • Offensive names or insincere questionnaires will be removed at our discretion.
  • During your trial membership you are allowed virtually unrestricted access to the features and functions of Cafe Desire. However, to protect their privacy, Cafe Desire members can opt to have their profiles hidden and/or block mail contract from trials members, members with incomplete profiles (e.g. leaving it all empty) or members who do not post photo(s) in their profile. So the system may well have many more members than you are able to view or contact during your trial period.
  • Your trial membership does not expire. It will exist until you either choose to remove it from the system yourself or until it is removed automatically after a period inactivity. However, after the initial 14 day unrestricted access period, some features and functions of Cafe Desire will no longer be available to you.

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Enter 00000 if you are joining from outside of Canada or the United States.
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NOTE: It is important that you provide a valid email address.
An account activation code will be sent to this address. Without this code you will not be able to gain access to Cafe Desire. Your email address will not be distributed in any way or visible to others on the system. You will NEVER receive SPAM email from Cafe Desire or any of our affiliates.
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